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Adventurer's Expeditions

Space Planetary Rings Pack-1

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The planetary rings of a gas giant, These maps are meant for uses In Si-fi RPG’s or space based wargaming. The hex map is 1.5 inches This pack contains the following maps;

  • Space Planetary Rings 01 High-Orbit
  • Space Planetary Rings 02 Bellow-Rings
  • Space Planetary Rings 03 Rings-Edge
  • Space Planetary Rings 04 Close-Orbit

This map come in the following versions;

  • No-Grid-Hex, print friendly A0 scale (32w,45h Inches)
  • Hex-1.5in, print friendly A0 scale (32w,45h Inches, 27x32 Hex’s)

These maps are also usable in a VTT program e.g., Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, Foundry etc. The No-Grid-Hex map is best suited in a VTT where you usually set the grid/hex in the program to use with tokens.


These maps are downloaded as a .Zip file, this file is 44MB

(The preview images of the map shown on the shop are a much lower quality, meant only to display what the map looks like with added magnification on some images to show the true scale and detail)

  • Digital Map

    These maps have been scaled for printing at A0 scale.
    Grid maps are scaled for 25mm minitures or tokens.
    Hex maps are scaled for 1.5In (35mm), suited for sci-fi rpg's or 6mm wargaming.

  • Vitural Table Top (VTT) Friendly

    These maps are also usable in a VTT program (e.g. Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, etc).
    The No-Grid-Hex maps are best suited for VTT's. In these programs you tend to overlay your own grid or hex for token use.